Thursday, March 8, 2012

Conversations with a 4 Year Old!

Some days I cherish the conversations that I have with my 4 year old.  His head is full of so many dreams and wishes.  I just hope that some of them come true for him some day.  He's growing at lightning speed right before my eyes and if it were up to him he'd already be 16 and driving or 18 and living in a fire station fighting fires everyday.

Today was one of those conversations that make you laugh and think to yourself that you want to remember this silly conversation forever.  I'm preparing to leave for a Ladies Retreat with my church tomorrow morning and I've been preparing the kids all week so they are prepared for things to be different than their routine so we had another conversation about how daddy was picking them up tomorrow on our way home today.  My 2 year old Abby said "Mommy I want to go with you".  I explained to both of them that they couldn't go along because it was for Ladies only.  Of course my wise Nathan says "but mommy Abby is a lady".  I chuckled and reminded him that Abby was actually a little girl and that the retreat was for grown up ladies.

Nathan went on to explain to me how he wants to go to a retreatment when he grows up and that Daddy would go with him.  Then Abby of course said she wanted to go with him.  He then said Abby it's going to be a boys retreatment you can't come.  I will have a sign that says no Ladies Allowed.  She whined of course and didn't like that idea at all.  The funniest part of the conversation was the last part when Nathan kept trying to explain to Abby that she could go to her own retreatment when she grows up.  He goes on to say that him and daddy and even Uncle Jeff were going on the retreatment when he grows up and Mommy you can't come because there will be a sign that says "No Short People Allowed".  Most of you know me in real life and realize that Daddy is 6' 6" compared to Mommy who is only 5' 3".  I had to laugh.  My Son is a real comedian!  I guess this Short Mom won't be going to any All Boys Retreatments.

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  1. Hahaha Too Cute! I love how he sees you as "short" compared to his Daddy! I just love you all!